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Firmware 4.0.270 (2016-03-02)

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    Firmware 4.0.270 (2016-03-02)

    • Follow codec offer for DTMF on incoming call
    • faxt38.prc: support CRP command after PPS
    • Config set for NFON SIP trunk added
    • Do not support CN codec 13 if VAD is not enabled
    • Handle additional interconnect parameters from configuration
    • Fax: Do not send NSF by default, can be re-activated via --send-nsf=1
    • Use "$uniqueId" in replacement for calling party number or calling party number two and it will be replaced by unique id

    • Hold after 15 minutes call duration results in oneway audio
    • WebUI: Scan SIP destination scans port 5060 even if rule uses mode "OfficeMaster"
    • Answer additional t38 re-INVITES (Session refresh)
    • rtp.prc in endless CPU hogging loop when client uses MoH/a=sendrecv
    • No ISDN message if SETUP is ignored twice; Resource blocked if PCM is used
    • Allow SNMP and SERVERVIEW if firewall is enabled
    • faxt38.prc delay for 14400 short training increased: 300 --> 500 msec
    • Interface state for S0/BRI was shown as down for a short period after call
    • jobcontrol (OfficeMaster) jobs were not counted as active calls on interface state
    • Less debug messages from XHFC (BRI interface chip)
    • Record-Route needs to be checked before sending "BYE" to determine the correct IP-Address
    • Use "Contact" header to initialize incoming call
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