Web Interface
  • prohibit starting a test call when a test call is already running
  • web UI stopped running on systems with large rule sets
  • wrong web interface (old vs. new version) was displayed in some cases

  • new FPGA Version for OfficeMaster Gate Advanced (requires power cycle)

  • tool added to create certificate requests or self signed certificates
  • send "not acceptable here" if own callid is referred in replaces header

  • support DTMF '#' character as SIPINFO
  • comfort noise was activated too often
  • optimizations for Alcatel OXE call handling
    • handles one way audio if partner is changed due to data arriving before reinvite
    • change VIA in PRACK due to CSEQ change
  • encryption errors if destination sends first packet late, SRTP is not used and TLS on SIP is active
  • fax T.38
    • after late reINVITE L_FRAME_BEGIN during CED transmiassion caused T.30 to abort
    • several corrections for different timings of CED/CNG etc.

  • with activated firewall monitoring via second/external NIC is blocked