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Firmware 4.0.90

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    Firmware 4.0.90

    • Firmware 4.0.90 brings a lot of new features and some bugfixes
    • Additionally there is a new OfficeMaster Gate Configuration online.

    • Faster start of call instances for increased scaleability
    • Support for up to 64 D-Channels
    • Alphanumeric support in SIP-Addresses for better interop with legacy PBX-Systems
    • New parameter --NoDialToneHandling to disable dialtone handling
    • Experimental support for ISDN devices in point to multipoint mode
    • No reboot needed on ISDN log level change, configuration automatically updated after 30 seconds
    • New option to set temporary IP settings in omgmenu (console)
    • Experimental feature: support for bonding (NIC teaming)

    • Fixed resource leak when OfficeMaster Gate provides ringback tone to PBX in a drop and insert scenario
    • Dial tone did not always play to PBX
    • Automatic TON (type of number) handling now also for CallingPartyNumber 2
    • Added --noDtmfLoopDetection parameter to avoid doubling DTMF digits
    • Set DNS timeout to 3s and no retry to avoid delays when DNS1 not available
    • Routing to registered SIP devices didn't work in some situations
    • Don't send SIP header OM-ISDN-STATUS Code anymore; use Q850 instead
    • Some sipgate provider settings are not set in presets for trunks
    • Local syslog in gateway should not fill up file system – oldest logs are deleted automatically
    • Recording calls (using --SaveWaveFile) should not fill up file system – oldest logs are deleted automatically
    • Increased stability under heavy load
    • Analog Ports (FXS card) caused problems under heavy system load

    OfficeMaster Gate Configuration
    • Support for source IP address as an optional requirement in a call handling rule
    • Syslog Analyzer: Great new feature to select a single call with different details through context menu via right click
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