Fixed: Timeout on outgoing call due to no answer gives unknown SIP-command
Fixed: Immediate suspend on sleep-button
Fixed: Silence suppression off and echo canceller off are lost on error 403
Fixed: Bad audio quality on codec translation
Fixed: Number list only checked once
Fixed: omgconfiginfo crash, if only one trunk is configured
Fixed: New hostname set by cockpit will be overwritten
Fixed: Several installation issues
Fixed: Messages in suspend state, caused by slow or unreachable DNS, cause traceback and loss of layer 4 channel.
Fixed: Wrong channel count in multitrunk mode
Fixed: Invite is send to 5060 instead of 5061, if TLS
Fixed: Transcoding G711 to G722 speeds up voice
Fixed: Use prefered codec
Fixed: 603 Decline error transparency
Fixed: DNS failover on 486 Busy cause
Fixed: Handle domains with more than 60 IP addresses
Fixed: Blocking rules result in empty DNS querys
Fixed: 404 not found error transparency
Fixed: Wrong port in Contact, From, To field on multiple certificate/TLS-port installations
Added: Clear path support in SDP
Added: Support of company flex / 1tr119
Added: Continuous rtp stream, even during silenc