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OM CallRecording Software Version (2018-03-12)

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    OM CallRecording Software Version (2018-03-12)

    New Features
    recS / iciS / colS / apS / Configuration Tool:
    • transaction logs for tracking each call recording through all processing stages
    • logging system has now log levels allowing the user to adjust the verbosity of written log messages or messages sent by e-mail

    recS / iciS / colS / apS:
    • automatically restart services on fatal failures

    • pre-filter also checks the connected party numbers when evaluating a destination address match
    • more robust DTMF control detection in order to avoid unintended DTMF control action when receiving other DTMF sequences (e.g. credit card numbers containing also DTMF control sequences)
    • added an option to assign a user identifier to the call using DTMF

    Bug Fixes
    fixed crash in SIP parser, when receiving huge SIP messages with unparsable content

    iciS / colS:
    fixed problem accessing recording databases in a network share root folder

    • fixed a memory leak

    iciS / recS:
    • fixed problem accepting network connections in mixed IPv4/IPv6 environments

    • improved V.17 reception

    Interactive Client / Call Indicator:
    • fixed missing call, if two consecutive calls were received within few seconds using the same B channel

    Call Browser:
    • fixed problem storing IP V6 addresses in login history

    Configuration Tool:
    • show proper onlne activation key state, if the related license is already activated

    • do not start Windows Explorer after installation, if the Call Browser was deselected in the installation options