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OM CallRecording Software Version 4.10.1 (2018-01-10)

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    OM CallRecording Software Version 4.10.1 (2018-01-10)

    New Features:
    Interactive Client:
    • show extended call information coming from TAPI, if available
    • call number filter can use call extension or line names coming from extended call information fields
    • allow to enter comments for ongoing call recordings

    recS/Configuration Tool:
    • added an option to allow manual recording control on filtered out calls
    • added G.722 codec support for SIP recordings
    • added a registry only option to trim a leading character from call numbers before applying them to TAPI call matching

    Bug fixes:
    Configuration Tool:
    • fixed broken pre-filter rule if pre-filter name contains special characters
    • fixed crash in TAPI settings dialogue, if license management is not reachable

    Call Browser:
    • suppress context menu, if recordings list empty
    • fixed problem sending e-mail on 64-bit machines

    • fixed problem on Windows machines with Ethernet TAP devices not being detected,cif another TAP device was already connected with the machine before
    • fixed problem on UNIX machines with Ethernet TAP devices not being detected
    • proper handling of optional bandwidth field in SIP/SDP parser
    • fixed non-working SIP recording on OMG devices
    • fixed problem with SIP messages containing special characters in field names
    • fixed missing SIP recordings due to wrong SIP message sequence number handling
    • fixed call matching problem for call recorded on E1 devices
    • fixed wrong NT/TE assignment to WAV stereo channels on ILID devices causing DTMF control listening on wrong call direction

    TAPI Connector:
    • fixed crash, when starting the TAPI Connector service on Windows 2003 Server