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OM CallRecording Software Version (2017-11-14)

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    OM CallRecording Software Version (2017-11-14)

    New Features
    Installer & RPM/Debian packages:
    • keep recording service parameters when upgrading the software from version 4.4.4-1 or above (note that the parameters are still clearedin some cases when downgrading the software)
    • Ubuntu packages are now based on Ubuntu 16.04

    Bug fixes:
    • fixed bug in SIP recording causing empty recodings, when a PRACK request has been received
    • fixed sporadic crash in TCP reassembler of SIP recorder
    • fixed problem in IP reassembly
    • fixed sporadic crash in SIP recorder when clearing orphaned SIP calls

    COM port connector:
    • fixed problem starting the COM port connector on Windows XP

    Call Browser:
    • fixed non-responding application after deleting a huge amount of recordings

    TAPI Connector:
    • fixed installation/configuration problem of TAPI connector in interaction with OfficeMaster Gate devices

    Call Recording Configuration Center
    • fixed sporadic crash when exiting the application
    • fixed problem reading parameters from EyeSDN Net devices

    Configuration Tool:
    • fixed some missing localizations
    • fixed sporadic crash in license manager when connection to recording service was lost
    • show a proper error message if an invalid license file is being installed
    • fixed sporadic crash when loading remote databases list in collector settings

    Interactive Client:
    • fixed crash when entering special characters in number filter fields