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OM CallRecording Software Version 4.10.0 (2017-10-09)

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    OM CallRecording Software Version 4.10.0 (2017-10-09)

    • code optimizations in order to reduce CPU load
    • more robust TCP reassembly for SIP over TCP recording
    • bug fixes in SIP state machine
    • improved call recording detection & separation in ATIS mode
    • fix replay timing for demo devices

    • fixed crash, when recording in timeslot mode

    • fixed memory leak

    • fixed potential socket leak in rare error conditions
    • fixed unstoppable collector service, if collector is running under maximum load

    Call Browser:
    • be more robust against defective call records
    • fixed B channel numbering on non-PRI devices
    • fixed crash when starting the Call Browser on WinXP
    • fixed broken PDF view of no-ECM FAX recordings
    • fixed problem deleting main password
    • fixed problem changing a phonebook entry

    TAPI Connector:
    • ignore non-numeric characters in calling/called IDs reported by TAPI before applying the IDs in call matching

    Call Recording Configuration Center
    • fixed flickering device tree

    • fixed crash when running on WinXP
    • do not install new software, if previous version could not uninstalled

    Configuration Tool:
    • strip off any leading or trailing spaces in TAPI call matching outbound
    • dial prefix setting

    Interactive Client:
    • fixed some sporadic crashes
    • fixed broken audio playback

    New Features
    Configuration Tool / recS:
    • new license management supporting online license activation and extending of licensed recording channels
    • added an option to select whether to use the preferred identity or the From field of SIP messages as source for the recorded caller ID
    • allow a SIP over TCP configuration without specifying the SIP server
    • support for SIP server name resolution using NAPTR/SRV records

    • increased maximum number of attached line state API clients to 256
    • print log message on detection of one or no way audio in SIP recordings

    Call Indicator:
    • complete new implementation of Call Indicator now supporting labeled groups and a work load view

    TAPI Connector:
    • added support for tracking of parked calls

    Call Browser:
    • added support for drag&drop of recordings out of the Call Browser