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Firmware 4.x.360 (2017-08-17)

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    Firmware 4.x.360 (2017-08-17)

    Firmware 4.0.360 and 4.1.360

    • New profiles
      • Swisscom profiles (G.711, T.38) added

    • SIP2Lync enhancement
      • Inform SIP2Lync after REFER to set DECT phone available

    • ignore case of udptl in sdp
    • Handle user to user messages in early media to support DTMF in early media on SBC
    • Always send anonymous@anonymous.invalid instead of configured domain in From header

    FEATURE 4.1 only
    • Failover in DNS if preferred partner is not reachable
    • Find new preferred partner on register
    • support for "refused" messages

    • SMS: Festnetz SMS over PCM loopack fixed
    • WebUI: Backed up licenses are shown as expired
    • Fax: handle CRP after TCF and carrier lost after TCF --> resend DCS/TCF
    • error in number check on registered call routing
    • free preferred address before register again
    • fix for partner channel count check on PCM interfaces
    • fix echo canceler memory leak
    • Add "Privacy: id" header for anonymous calls
    • Fix phone number handling – problem was introduced in version 4.0-330 on Ubuntu platforms
    • Fix memory leaks and misuse in callp2
    • don't resolve contact on incoming call if via is available
    • traceback on routing call for registered devices fixed

    BUGFIX 4.1 only
    • make sure responses are always sent to same IP
    • Remove file handle leak
    • fix for Refer traceback on outgoing call
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