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Release Notes 5.3 & 6 (english combined)

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    Release Notes 5.3 & 6 (english combined)

    Release Notes OM 6.0

    Installed Preview version of the OfficeMaster Suite 6 should not be updated but reinstalled!

    License management

    ⦁ Switch to license keys to activate the software on your system
    ⦁ Online service to activate license keys
    ⦁ Different Connectors each have their own module codes
    ⦁ Access license management through Extras > License management
    ⦁ The license window appears when the configuration process starts, if the license is missing or expired

    ⦁ Standardization of MWI configuration through existing software gateways
    ⦁ Operating sub servers is now possible with all types of OfficeMaster Suite
    ⦁ Additional (SAP-)Connectors are now possible with all types of OfficeMaster Suite (appropriate license extension necessary)
    ⦁ CFGProxy is included in firewall rules
    ⦁ Syslog Service is installed automatically
    ⦁ Remote maintenance integrated
    ⦁ contain lame

    5.3 Changes*
    ⦁ Port assignment (multiple starts of some components is now prevented, because they always requested the same port)

    ⦁ multiple starts possible

    ⦁ Fixed @ symbol in message
    ⦁ Stability/compatibility

    ⦁ Error handling for terminated incoming faxes

    ⦁ Jobcountcurrent display corrected
    ⦁ Bug fixes when comparing errors in the file Regex.txt

    ⦁ Support for TLS
    ⦁ Bug fixes for SMTP feedback

    ⦁ Adjustment: U parameter can now be set to match the print account automatically (before: print user only)

    Exchange Connectors (msx2kgate/msxbcsgate)

    ⦁ The components starting from version 6 of OfficeMaster will still support automatic replies, but configuration is turned off by default.
    ⦁ Full Office 365 support (Fax & Voice)
    ⦁ Adjustment of configuration interface (new Voice system)
    ⦁ Adjustment of layout for receive and send confirmations
    ⦁ Displaying of user licensing when component starts
    5.3 Changes*
    ⦁ UTF8 support (for SMS transmission)
    ⦁ Correct address resolution and display of private contacts when receiving VoiceMail
    ⦁ Bug fixes when saving attributes (SRS)
    ⦁ Fixed crash for proxy addresses containing % symbol
    ⦁ Fixed user resolution for CSID under 2 characters
    ⦁ Fixed crash for address resolution in public folders
    ⦁ The restricted lists attribute works properly
    ⦁ Fixed internal recognition for connector loops
    ⦁ Fixed several problems connected to the metacache
    ⦁ Performance adjustment for LPD jobs (search cover page)
    ⦁ Status lines indicate the time zone of the reception equipment
    ⦁ Standard configuration adjusted: NDR are not transmitted automatically
    ⦁ Log entries adjusted (Error to Info when user not found)
    ⦁ Added trusts in address resolution

    MSX Archive
    ⦁ Fixed problem with missing sender address in winmail.dat

    Notes-Connectors (notesvoice, notescon)

    ⦁ Retrieval of new module codes
    5.3 Changes*
    ⦁ Transmission of overlong SMS to multiple recipients

    Hardware controller (omcums)

    ⦁ Country selection by name instead of country code
    ⦁ dynamic license matching to the lines (allows for easier active/active licensing)
    ⦁ Line licenses cleared without restart of the component
    ⦁ identifies the names of interfaces by means of connected hardware
    ⦁ Outbound failover is now available for all types of OfficeMaster Suite
    ⦁ All types of OfficeMaster Suite allow for the operation of several hardware controllers

    WebConnector (clientgw)

    ⦁ Fax headline and identifier can be configured globally
    ⦁ Adjustment of log output
    ⦁ WebUI offers upload of .raw and MP3 (.wav has been removed)
    ⦁ Layout adjustment of WebUI
    ⦁ maximum file size for voice prompts is now displayed
    ⦁ MWI mode can now be configured globally
    ⦁ New languages (Italian, Turkish, Spanish)
    ⦁ Time-delayed SMS dispatch
    ⦁ Standard values set for new user
    ⦁ Job resend
    ⦁ Optimized behaviour on license overflow
    5.3 Changes*
    ⦁ Feature: “Read out caller ID on phone" function globally set in Messaging Server configuration
    ⦁ Fixed project choice and -display
    ⦁ Prompt window limited to .mp3 and .raw files (no .wav)
    ⦁ Fixed MP3 import

    SMTP-Connector (mailgw)

    ⦁ Adjusted layout for send- and receive messages
    ⦁ Adjusted log output
    ⦁ Exceeding user limit now displayed
    ⦁ SMS receive message shows the correct caller ID, not the service center
    5.3 Changes*
    ⦁ Fixed problem displaying umlauts in development version

    File interface (Filegw)

    ⦁ Component checks, whether fax service is allowed
    ⦁ Outgoing archival storage now files chosen formats
    ⦁ Optimized UI (Options hidden depending on case)
    5.3 Changes*
    ⦁ PDF OCR (with header/footer) additional as a choice in FileGW-configuration
    ⦁ Error management for certain tags in XML (##billback)
    ⦁ Function "Date and Called Party Number put in front" can be activated without template


    ⦁ Extended Voice (Webvoice) possible for all types of OfficeMaster Suite, separate description redundant
    ⦁ User-specific messages are now saved in a separate subfolder.
    ⦁ Migration of all automated messages into a global audio directory (enables adjustments and translations)
    ⦁ New standard messages, new menu navigation, no more synthesized voices, real speaker
    ⦁ For standard messages you can switch globally between male and female voices
    ⦁ Remote inquiry optimized and completely overhauled
    ⦁ Configuration of up to 10 different messages remotely
    ⦁ „Instant Greeting“ mode allows easy switching of messages and behavior (with or without giving the caller the possibility to record)
    ⦁ Dispatch of list of voice projects to clients

    OfficeMaster IP Controller (ipctrl) (Preview)

    ⦁ You cannot get official support for this component yet, please use the beta forum
    ⦁ The component IPControl assumes direct communication of the OfficeMaster Suite Server with SIP-Trunks
    ⦁ For each component one Trunk can be configured.
    ⦁ Successful tests have been completed for fax communication with QSC through T.38 and G.711

    SAP (Preview)
    ⦁ You cannot get official support for this component yet, please use the beta forum
    ⦁ Preview to the new connection using Netweaver RFC

    *5.3 Changes: OfficeMaster Suite 6 appeared before the 5.3. release. But all changes of 5.3. are included and therefore listed as changes to the preceding version 5.2.1.
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