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Firmware 4.0.1 (2013-02-04) - EN / Enhanced Gateway for Lync 2013

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    Firmware 4.0.1 (2013-02-04) - EN / Enhanced Gateway for Lync 2013

    With Firmware 4.0.1 OfficeMaster Gate is officially qualified as Enhanced Gateway for Lync 2013. For administration “OfficeMaster Gate Configuration” 4.0 or higher is required with this firmware version.

    • New automated ISDN Type of Number (TON) handling which translates an inbound ISDN Number with TON to an E.164 Number. Calls to ISDN which are delivered in E.164 format will be converted automatically to an ISDN Number with TON.
      This feature makes it much easier to configure a E.164 Dialplan like Microsoft Lync uses.
    • Enhanced Early Media handling
    • Allow ‘!’ as another “sending complete” symbol. This is an alternative to using “#” to activate sending complete info element in outgoing calls. “#” is still working but only if the interface is configured with timeout option.

    --DialEndCharacter [followed by a character] can be used (in additional parameters) to specify a different symbol for sending complete
    • New Configuration Menu on Text Console / (currently still unsupported)
    • Second Ethernet Port configurable with IPv4 and IPv6
    • Integrated “Partner Fax Solution” for inbound faxing now also compatible with Exchange 2013. Faxes can be received without the need for an external fax server.

    • Channel leak if REFER is immediately followed by CALL_REJ
    • SIP/2.0 no ACK on “NOTIFY OK”
    • Offline Update via .tar file failed in some cases

    • The last 600 lines of Syslog is now always available in a Web-based Log viewer [WebUI -> System Traces]
    • Destination Checking works now for Disabled Rules [WebUI -> System Health -> IP Destination Checking] Checks all configured SIP-Destinations for availability

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