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OM CallRecording Software Version (2020-05-06)

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    OM CallRecording Software Version (2020-05-06)

    New Features
    Line State Monitor
    • reenabled the Line State Monitor, which was not ported to 5.0.0-0 yet

    Call Recording Configuration Center
    • adopted GUI to look of other GUI applications

    TAPI Connector / Configuration Tool
    • added some options to normalize party numbers before performing call matching

    Bug Fixes
    Call Browser
    • fixed missing marking of unconnected calls
    • fixed crash after changing the GUI language, when the CB is connected to a release 4 server

    Configuration Tool
    • fixed crash after login into release 4 server
    • fixed crash in several dialogs containing a list when pressing the delete button without having a list item selected
    • ensure that at least one local admin user remains in the system
    • fixed empty call browser column definition when creating a new group
    • fixed wrong debug mask descriptions in logging dialog when configuring a release 4 server
    • cosmetic fixes
    • fixed some missing German localization strings

    • fixed broken collector, if trying to connect to a release 4 server

    • fixed problem with refreshing desktop icon on some Windows systems- New Features con on some Windows systems